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We are constantly working on ways to ensure your safety during our time together. We have made some changes in our day to day photo booth operations to make you feel comfortable while you STRIKE A POSE with us. As the Corona Virus continues to be in a upward incline, we will be adjusting our photo booth rules and guidelines.

Being that photo booths are typically the events main attraction, it encourages guests to get close to one another to Strike a Pose, making them more susceptible and higher risk for contracting Covid-19.

1.Due to the pandemic, We will NOT offer physical props at this time.

2.Booth will be sanitized before, during and after each event.

3.To maintain a No touch operation we will only allow the photo booth attendant to operate the booth.

4.To further assist in social distancing, we will only allow 4 guests in the booth per session.

5.Let's all be responsible and safe... we're all in this together.

Strike A Pose Photo Booth

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